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Whack A Diggy

Something like Whac-A-Mole arcade game.

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Chess Game Mechanism : Legendary Edition

A combination of package :
-Chess Game Mechanism : Complete Edition
-Strongest Chess AI : Stockfish
A perfect chess template out of the box. With complete chess logic and AI with ELO of all range from as low as 50 ELO to 3100 ELO++.

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Chess Game Mechanism : Complete Edition

A complete Chess Game Template, all standard chess game logic are fully implemented and ready to use out of the box. Having customizable AI and easiest to use puzzle creation tool, letting you create unlimited puzzle level at no time.

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Strongest Chess AI : Stockfish

I came across Stockfish, the strongest open source chess AI when I was trying to implement a stronger chess AI towards my chess game on mobiles platform, having it implemented in IOS, then Android and subsequently, decided to make it available on Unity across all 5 major platforms including IOS, Android, WebGL, Windows and Mac.

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Click Controller

A controller based on user mouse action, allowing user to select or aiming on desirable target despite having multiple object overlapping each other over the mouse cursor.